Man pages for poisson.glm.mix
Fit high dimensional mixtures of Poisson GLMs

bjkmodelEM algorithm for the beta_{jk} (m=1) Poisson GLM mixture.
bjmodelEM algorithm for the beta_{j} (m=2) Poisson GLM mixture.
bkmodelEM algorithm for the beta_{k} (m=3) Poisson GLM mixture.
init1.1.jk.j1st step of Initialization 1 for the beta_{jk} (m=1) or...
init1.2.jk.j2nd step of Initialization 1 for the beta_{jk} (m=1) or...
init1.kInitialization 1 for the beta_{k} parameterization (m=3).
init2.jk.jInitialization 2 for the beta_{jk} (m=1) or beta_{j} (m=2)...
init2.kInitialization 2 for the beta_k parameterization (m=3).
mylogLikePoisMixFunction to compute the loglikelihood of the mixture.
pois.glm.mixMain call function of the package.
poisson.glm.mixEstimation of high dimensional Poisson GLM's via EM...
sim.dataSimulated data set of 500 observations
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