Man pages for polywog
Bootstrapped Basis Regression with Oracle Model Selection

bootPolywogBootstrap a fitted polywog model
cv.polywogCross-validation of polynomial degree and penalization factor
margEff.polywogMarginal effects for polywog models
model.frame.polywogModel frame of a polywog model
model.matrix.polywogModel matrix of a polywog model
plot.margEff.polywogPlot marginal effects
plot.polywogUnivariate and bivariate fitted value plots
polywogPolynomial regression with oracle variable selection
polywog-packageBootstrapped basis regression with oracle model selection
predict.polywogPredict method for polywog objects
predValsEasy computation of fitted values
summary.margEff.polywogSummarize marginal effects
summary.polywogSummarize a fitted polywog model
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