Man pages for poorman
A Poor Man's Dependency Free Recreation of 'dplyr'

acrossApply a function (or functions) across multiple columns
arrangeArrange rows by variables
betweenDo values in a numeric vector fall in specified range?
bindEfficiently bind multiple 'data.frame's by row and column
case_whenA General Vetorised if()
coalesceFind first non-missing element
contextContext dependent expressions
countCount observations by group
cummeanCumulativate versions of any, all, and mean
descDescending order
distinctSubset distinct/unique rows
filterReturn rows with matching conditions
filter_joinsFiltering joins filter rows from 'x' based on the presence or...
glimpseGet a glimpse of your data
group_byGroup by one or more variables
group_by_drop_defaultDefault value for .drop argument of group_by
group_colsSelect Grouping Variables
group_metadataGrouping metadata
group_splitSplit data.frame by groups
if_elseVectorised if
lagCompute lagged or leading values
mutateCreate or transform variables
mutate_joinsMutating Joins
na_ifConvert values to NA
n_distinctCount the number of unique values in a set of vectors
nearCompare two numeric vectors
nest_byNest By
nthExtract the first, last or nth value from a vector
peek_varsPeek at variables in the selection context
pipeForward-pipe operator
poormanpoorman: A Poor Man's Dependency Free Recreation of 'dplyr'
pullPull out a single variable
recodeRecode values
relocateChange column order
renameRename columns
replace_naReplace missing values
rownamesTools for working with row names
selectSubset columns using their names and types
select_helpersSelect Helpers
sliceSubset rows by position
summariseReduce multiple values down to a single value
uniteUnite Multiple Columns Into One
whereSelect variables with a function
window_rankWindowed Rank Functions
with_groupsPerform an operation with temporary groups
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