popsom: Functions for Constructing and Evaluating Self-Organizing Maps

State of the art functions for constructing and evaluating self-organizing maps (SOMs).

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AuthorLutz Hamel [aut, cre], Benjamin Ott [aut], Gregory Breard [aut]
Date of publication2016-08-14 15:26:41
MaintainerLutz Hamel <hamel@cs.uri.edu>

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accuracy Man page
batchsom.private} \title{Internal popsom functions} \description Man page
best.match Man page
bootstrap Man page
coordinate Man page
df.mean.test Man page
map.accuracy Man page
map.build Man page
map.convergence Man page
map.embedding Man page
map.graphics.set} \alias{map.graphics.reset} \alias{plots.heat} Man page
map.projection Man page
map.significance Man page
map.starburst Man page
rowix Man page
vsom.f Man page
vsom.r Man page

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