Man pages for powerAnalysis
Power Analysis in Experimental Design

ES.anova.onewayCalculating effect size (Cohen's f) of one-way anova for...
ES.chisq.assocCompute effect size of chi-squared test of association
ES.chisq.gofCompute effect size of chi-squared test of goodness of fit
ES.proportionsCompute effect size for a difference in proportions
ES.t.oneCalculating effect size (Cohen's d) of one-sample t test
ES.t.pairedCalculating effect size (Cohen's d) of paired two-sample t...
ES.t.twoCalculating effect size (Cohen's d) of independent two-sample...
power.anova.onewayPower calculations for balanced one-way analysis of variance...
power.chisqPower calculations for chi-squared test
power.plot.chisqPower analysis plot of chi-squared test
power.proportionsPower calculations for proportion tests (two-sided)
power.tPower calculations for t-test
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