Man pages for powerlmm
Power Analysis for Longitudinal Multilevel Models a multi-sim summary object to a tidy data.frame
cohendUse Cohen's d as the effect size in 'study_parameters'
create_lmer_formulaCreate an lmer formula based on a 'study_parameters'-object
dropout_manualManually specify dropout per time point
dropout_weibullUse the Weibull distribution to specify the dropout process
get_correlation_matrixCalculate the subject-level (ICC) correlations among time...
get_DEFTCalculate the design effect and Type I errors
get_dropoutGet the amount of dropout
get_ICC_pre_clustersCalculate the amount of baseline variance at the cluster...
get_ICC_pre_subjectsCalculate the subject-level ICC at pretest
get_ICC_slopeCalculate the amount of slope variance at the third level
get_monte_carlo_seCalculate the Monte Carlo standard error of the empirical...
get_powerCalculate power for two- and three-level models with missing...
get_power_tableCreate a power table for a combination of parameter values
get_sdsCalculate the model implied standard deviations per time...
get_slope_diffReturn the raw difference between the groups at posttest
get_var_ratioCalculates the ratio of the slope variance to the...
get_VPCCalculate the variance partitioning coefficient
per_treatmentSetup parameters that differ per treatment group
plot.plcpPlot method for 'study_parameters'-objects
plot.plcp_ICC2Plot method for 'get_correlation_matrix'-objects
plot.plcp_power_tablePlot method for 'get_power_table'-objects
plot.plcp_sdsPlot method for 'get_sds'-objects
plot.plcp_VPCPlot method for 'get_VPC'-objects
powerlmmPower Analysis for Longitudinal Multilevel Models
print.plcp_2lvlPrint method for two-level 'study_parameters'-objects
print.plcp_3lvlPrint method for three-level 'study_parameters'-objects
print.plcp_ICC2Print method for 'get_correlation_matrix'-objects
print.plcp_mc_sePrint method for 'get_monte_carlo_se'-objects
print.plcp_multiPrint method for 'study_parameters'-multiobjects
print.plcp_multi_powerPrint method for 'get_power'-multi
print.plcp_multi_simPrint method for 'simulate.plcp_multi'-objects
print.plcp_multi_sim_summaryPrint method for 'summary.plcp_multi_sim'-objects
print.plcp_power_2lvlPrint method for two-level 'get_power'
print.plcp_power_3lvlPrint method for three-level 'get_power'
print.plcp_sdsPrint method for 'get_sds'-objects
print.plcp_simPrint method for 'simulate.plcp'-objects
print.plcp_sim_formulaPrint method for simulation formulas
print.plcp_sim_summaryPrint method for 'summary.plcp_sim'-objects
print.plcp_VPCPrint method for 'get_vpc'-objects
shiny_powerlmmLaunch powerlmm's Shiny web application
sim_formulaCreate a simulation formula
sim_formula_compareCompare multiple simulation formulas
simulate_dataGenerate a data set using a 'study_parameters'-object
simulate.plcpPerform a simulation study using a 'study_parameters'-object
study_parametersSetup study parameters
sub-.plcp_multi_powerSubset function for 'plcp_multi_power'-objects
summary.plcp_multi_simSummarize simulations based on a combination of multiple...
summary.plcp_simSummarize the results from a simulation of a single study...
transform_to_posttestHelper to transform the simulated longitudinal 'data.frame'
unequal_clustersSetup unbalanced cluster sizes
update.plcpUpdate a 'study_parameters'-object with new settings
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