Man pages for ppsbm
Clustering in Longitudinal Networks

ARIAdjusted Rand Index (ARI)
bootstrap_and_CIBootstrap and Confidence Interval
classIndFunction for k-means
confidenceIntervalConfidence Interval
convertGroupPairConvert group pair (q,l)
convertNodePairConvert node pair (i,j)
correctTauHandling of values of tau
find_qlConvert index into group pair
find_ql_diffConvert index into group pair in tauDown_Q
generated_Q3Generated graph with 50 individuals and 3 clusters
generated_Q3_n20Generated graph with 20 individuals and 3 clusters
generated_sol_histGenerated solution with histogram method
generated_sol_kernelGenerated solution with kernel method
generateDynppsbmData under dynppsbm
generateDynppsbmConstData under dynppsbm with piecewise constant intensities
generatePPPoisson process
generatePPConstPoisson process with piecewise constant intensities
JEvalMstepEvaluation of criterion J
kernelIntensitiesDirect kernel estimator intensities
listNodePairsList node pairs
mainVEMAdaptative VEM algorithm
mainVEMParVEM step for parallel version
modelSelec_QPlotPlots for model selection
modelSelection_QSelects the number of groups with ICL
Mstep_histM step for histograms
Mstep_kernelM step for kernel
permuteZEstOptimal matching between 2 clusterings
sortIntensitiesSort intensities
statisticsCompute statistics
tauDown_QConstruct initial tau from Q+1
tauInitialList of initial values for tau
tauKmeansSbmk-means for SBM
taurhoInitialSparse setup - rho parameter
tauUpdateUpdate tau
tauUp_QConstruct initial tau from Q-1
VEstepVE step
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