exampleresult: preprocomb example

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Modified Iris-data preprocessed with 540 combinations and evaluated with
support vector machine classifier.




A PreProCombClass object


# testdata
testdata <- iris
testdata[sample(1:150,40),3] <- NA # add missing values to the third variable
testdata[,4] <- rnorm(150, testdata[,4], 2) # add noise to the fourth variable
testdata$Irrelevant <- runif(150, 0, 1) # add an irrelevant feature

# grid with five phases totalling 540 combinations
examplegrid <- setgrid(phases=c("imputation", "outliers", "scaling", "smoothing", "selection"), data=testdata)

# evaluation of the grid
exampleresult <- preprocomb(grid=examplegrid, models=c("svmRadial"), nholdout=10, cluster=TRUE, outlier=TRUE, cores=2)

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