Man pages for presser
Lightweight Web Server for Testing

httpbin_appGeneric web app for testing HTTP clients
mw_etagMiddleware that add an 'Etag' header to the response
mw_jsonMiddleware to parse a JSON body
mw_logLog requests to the standard output or other connection
mw_multipartParse a multipart HTTP request body
mw_rawMiddleware to read the raw body of a request
mw_staticMiddleware function to serve static files
mw_textMiddleware to parse a plain text body
mw_urlencodedMiddleware to parse an url-encoded request body
new_appCreate a new web application
new_app_processRun a presser app in another process
new_regexpCreate a new regular expression to use in presser routes
presser_requestA presser request object
presser_responseA presser response object
server_optsPresser web server options
tmpl_glueglue based template engine
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