prettyR: Pretty Descriptive Stats

Functions for conventionally formatting descriptive stats, reshaping data frames and formatting R output as HTML.

AuthorJim Lemon <>, Philippe Grosjean <>
Date of publication2015-10-20 07:37:09
MaintainerJim Lemon <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

AddNav: Add a navigation item (R2html).

AddNavItem: Add a navigation item (htmlize).

add.value.labels: Add value labels

addxtabs: Add the cells of two or more xtab objects

BeginNav: Write the header for the HTML navigation file (htmlize).

brkdn: Breakdown of a numeric variable by grouping variable(s)

calculate.xtab: Calculate a crosstabulation

CreateIndexFile: Write an index file for the current output (htmlize).

createIndxFile: Write an index file for the current output (R2html).

decimal.align: Turn numbers into strings with aligned decimal points

delim.table: Format a 2D table

delim.xtab: Format a crosstabulation

describe: Description of variables

describe.factor: Description of factor variables

describe.logical: Description of logical variables

describe.numeric: Description of numeric variables

EndHTML: End an HTML file (htmlize).

freq: Calculate a frequency table

HTMLgraph: Create a graphic in HTML output (R2html).

htmlize: Read an R script and write HTML output

Mode: Find the modal value

print.desc: Display descriptive stats output

print.freq: Display frequency table(s)

print.xtab: Display a 2D crosstabulation

R2html: Read an R script and write HTML output

rep_n_stack: Replicate and stack columns of a data frame

skew: Calculate the skew of a distribution.

StartList: Write the header for the HTML listing file (htmlize).

StartNav: Write the header for the HTML navigation file (R2html).

stretch_df: Reshape a data frame from "long" to "wide" format

toNA: Set specified values in an object to NA

truncString: Truncate strings and add ellipses if a string is truncated.

valid.n: Find the number of valid (not NA) values

xtab: Crosstabulate variables


AddNav Man page
AddNavItem Man page
add.value.labels Man page
addxtabs Man page
BeginNav Man page
brkdn Man page
calculate.xtab Man page
CreateIndexFile Man page
createIndxFile Man page
decimal.align Man page
delim.table Man page
delim.xtab Man page
describe Man page
describe.factor Man page
describe.logical Man page
describe.numeric Man page
EndHTML Man page
freq Man page
HTMLgraph Man page
htmlize Man page
Mode Man page
print.desc Man page
print.freq Man page
print.xtab Man page
R2html Man page
rep_n_stack Man page
skew Man page
StartList Man page
StartNav Man page
stretch_df Man page
toNA Man page
truncString Man page
valid.n Man page
xtab Man page

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