Man pages for prettyunits
Pretty, Human Readable Formatting of Quantities

color_referenceColor names, hexadecimal, and CIE Lab colorspace...
pretty_bytesBytes in a human readable string
pretty_colorColor definition (like RGB) to a name
pretty_dtPretty formatting of time intervals (difftime objects)
pretty_msPretty formatting of milliseconds
pretty_numLinear quantities in a human readable string
pretty_p_valuep-values in a human-readable string
pretty_roundRound a value to a defined number of digits printing out...
pretty_secPretty formatting of seconds
pretty_signifRound a value to a defined number of significant digits...
prettyunitsPrettier formatting of quantities
time_agoHuman readable format of the time interval since a time point
vague_dtHuman readable format of a time interval
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