Man pages for prism
Access Data from the Oregon State Prism Climate Project

check_corruptCheck the integrity of downloaded PRISM data
del_early_provDelete early / provisional PRISM data if replaced by...
get_metadataGet PRISM metadata
get_prism_annualDownload annual daily averages
get_prism_dailysDownload daily prism data
get_prism_monthlysDownload monthly prism data
get_prism_normalsDownload data for 30 year normals of climate variables
get_prism_station_mdExtract metadata on the stations used to generate a...
ls_prism_dataList available datasets
mon_to_stringhelper function for handling months
path_checkhandle existing directory
prism_checkHelper function to check if files already exist
prism_imageQuick image plot
prism_mdExtract select prism metadata
prism_slicePlot a slice of a raster stack
prism_stackStack Prism files
prism_webserviceDownload PRISM via webservice
process_zipProcess pre 1980 files
pr_parsename parse
subset_prism_foldersSubsets prism folders on the disk by type and date
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