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Color Manipulation Tools

best_contrastFind highest contrast color
check_color_blindnessVisualize color vision deficiency
clr_alphaSets alpha in color
clr_darkenMake a color more dark
clr_desaturateMake a color more desaturated
clr_extractExtract Multiple Components
clr_grayscaleTransform colors to greyscale
clr_lightenMake a color more light
clr_mixMixes a color into
clr_negateNegates colors in RGB space
clr_rotateRotate the colors around the hue wheel
clr_saturateMake a color more saturated
colorTurn vector to color vector
colorblindnessSimulate color vision deficiency
contrast_ratioContrast Ratio Between Colors
extract_hclExtract HCL components
extract_hslExtract HSL components
extract_rgbExtract RGB components
is_colorTest if the object is a color
modify_hclModify Individual HCL Axes
prismatic-packageprismatic: Color Manipulation Tools
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