Man pages for prodest
Production Function Estimation

block.boot.resampleCluster Bootstrap Resampling
checkMChange input to matrix
chileanData: Chilean firm-level production data 1986-1996
finalACFACF estimation routine
finalOPLPOP and LP estimation routine
finalWRDGWooldridge - GMM estimation
gACFACF Second Stage - GMM estimation
gOPLPOP and LP Second Stage - GMM estimation
gWRDGWooldridge - GMM estimation
lagPanelGenerate lagged input variables
method-coefPrint the estimated parameters
method-FSresGenerate the vector of the first stage residuals
method-omegaGenerate the omega estimates
method-showPrint a table with parameter estimates
method-summaryPrint a table with a summary of results
panelSimSimulate Panel dataset
printProdPrint to lateX - prod objects
prod-classClass for Prodest Fitted object
prodestACFEstimate productivity - Ackerberg-Caves-Frazer correction
prodestLPEstimate productivity - Levinsohn-Petrin method
prodestOPEstimate productivity - Olley-Pakes method
prodestWRDGEstimate productivity - Wooldridge method
prodestWRDG_GMMEstimate productivity - Wooldridge method
weightMGenerate optimal GMM weighting matrix
withinvarGenerate the variance of the demeaned variable
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