Man pages for proffer
Profile R Code and Visualize with 'Pprof'

install_goInstall pprof and Go on Linux
pprofProfile R code and visualize with pprof.
pprof_pathShow the path to the pprof executable.
pprof_sitrepVerify pprof installation
proffer-packageproffer: profile R code with pprof
random_portChoose a random TCP port.
record_pprofProfile R code and record pprof samples.
record_rprofProfile R code and record Rprof samples.
serve_pprofVisualize profiling data with pprof.
serve_rprofVisualize Rprof() output with pprof.
test_pprofTest 'pprof()'
to_pprofConvert Rprof samples to pprof format.
to_rprofConvert pprof samples to Rprof format.
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