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Automatic Forecasting Procedure

add_changepoints_to_plotGet layers to overlay significant changepoints on prophet...
add_country_holidaysAdd in built-in holidays for the specified country.
add_group_componentAdds a component with given name that contains all of the...
add_regressorAdd an additional regressor to be used for fitting and...
add_seasonalityAdd a seasonal component with specified period, number of...
construct_holiday_dataframeConstruct a dataframe of holiday dates.
cross_validationCross-validation for time series.
df_for_plottingMerge history and forecast for plotting.
dyplot.prophetPlot the prophet forecast.
fit.prophetFit the prophet model.
fourier_seriesProvides Fourier series components with the specified...
generate_cutoffsGenerate cutoff dates
generated_holidaysholidays table
get_holiday_namesReturn all possible holiday names of given country
initialize_scales_fnInitialize model scales.
linear_growth_initInitialize linear growth.
logistic_growth_initInitialize logistic growth.
maeMean absolute error
make_all_seasonality_featuresDataframe with seasonality features. Includes seasonality...
make_future_dataframeMake dataframe with future dates for forecasting.
make_holiday_featuresConstruct a matrix of holiday features.
make_holidays_dfMake dataframe of holidays for given years and countries
make_seasonality_featuresData frame with seasonality features.
mapeMean absolute percent error
mseMean squared error
parse_seasonality_argsGet number of Fourier components for built-in seasonalities.
performance_metricsCompute performance metrics from cross-validation results.
piecewise_linearEvaluate the piecewise linear function.
piecewise_logisticEvaluate the piecewise logistic function.
plot_cross_validation_metricPlot a performance metric vs. forecast horizon from cross...
plot_forecast_componentPlot a particular component of the forecast.
plot.prophetPlot the prophet forecast.
plot_seasonalityPlot a custom seasonal component.
plot_weeklyPlot the weekly component of the forecast.
plot_yearlyPlot the yearly component of the forecast.
predictive_samplesSample from the posterior predictive distribution.
predict.prophetPredict using the prophet model.
predict_seasonal_componentsPredict seasonality components, holidays, and added...
predict_trendPredict trend using the prophet model.
predict_uncertaintyProphet uncertainty intervals for yhat and trend
prophetProphet forecaster.
prophet_copyCopy Prophet object.
prophet_plot_componentsPlot the components of a prophet forecast. Prints a ggplot2...
regressor_column_matrixDataframe indicating which columns of the feature matrix...
rmseRoot mean squared error
rolling_mean_by_hCompute a rolling mean of x, after first aggregating by h
sample_modelSimulate observations from the extrapolated generative model.
sample_posterior_predictiveProphet posterior predictive samples.
sample_predictive_trendSimulate the trend using the extrapolated generative model.
seasonality_plot_dfPrepare dataframe for plotting seasonal components.
set_auto_seasonalitiesSet seasonalities that were left on auto.
set_changepointsSet changepoints
set_dateConvert date vector
setup_dataframePrepare dataframe for fitting or predicting.
time_diffTime difference between datetimes
validate_column_nameValidates the name of a seasonality, holiday, or regressor.
validate_inputsValidates the inputs to Prophet.
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