Man pages for proteomics
Statistical Analysis of High Throughput Proteomics Data

accumResponse calculation
addIonSatisticsSummary statistics - Ion intensities per spectra
addLoadingsAdjust for confounding - add an appropiate target
addRetentionAtApexSummary statistics - Calculates retention time statistics at...
addRetentionIndexTimeStatisticsSummary statistics - Calculates index retention time...
adjustByAdjust for confounding - Generic function for centring data
adjustingAdjust for confounding - State of the art adjustments for...
adjustOneAdjust for confounding - In one single experiment only
avrgLoadingAdjust for confounding - calculates the average loading
channelResponsesResponse calculation
copyLoadingsAdjust for confounding - copy loadings from one experiment to...
factoringSample design - Generating multiple factor designs from...
meetSelectionData parsing - from Proteom Discover v1.4
mergeFramesMerging multiple experiments
norm2ReferenceResponse calculation
pActionPlotting p-value distributions
plotMePeptidePlot interaction plots of peptides
plotMeProteinPlot interaction plots of proteins
pRetentionPlot Retention Time Statistics
pViolinePlot Retention Time Statistics in violine form
pVolcanoVolcano plot
responseStatisicsSummary statistics - Generic to calculate summary statistics
selectByConfidenceResult filtering - Test for biological effect
selectByEffectResult filtering - Test for biological effect
selectByFDRResult filtering
testForPeptideEffectData Analysis - Testing on peptide level
testForProteinEffectData Analysis - Testing on protein level
testingData Analysis - Testing features with Tukey Honest...
testingOneshotData Analysis - Testing one feature without Tukey Honest...
testingTukeyData Analysis - Testing one feature with Tukey Honest...
toAlphaMeasuring stability - angle of loading vector
toProportionsTransformation - From intensity scales to density histrograms
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