Man pages for ps
List, Query, Manipulate System Processes

CleanupReportertestthat reporter that checks if child processes are cleaned...
errnoList of 'errno' error codes
psProcess table
ps_boot_timeBoot time of the system
ps_childrenList of child processes (process objects) of the process....
ps_cmdlineCommand line of the process
ps_connectionsList network connections of a process
ps_cpu_countNumber of logical or physical CPUs
ps_cpu_timesCPU times of the process
ps_create_timeStart time of a process
ps_cwdProcess current working directory as an absolute path.
ps_descentQuery the ancestry of a process
ps_disk_partitionsList all mounted partitions
ps_disk_usageDisk usage statistics, per partition
ps_environEnvironment variables of a process
ps_exeFull path of the executable of a process
ps_get_cpu_affinityQuery or set CPU affinity
ps_get_niceGet or set the priority of a process
ps_handleCreate a process handle
ps_interruptInterrupt a process
ps_is_runningChecks whether a process is running
ps_killKill a process
ps_kill_treeMark a process and its (future) child tree
ps_loadavgReturn the average system load over the last 1, 5 and 15...
ps_memory_infoMemory usage information
ps_nameProcess name
ps_num_fdsNumber of open file descriptors
ps_num_threadsNumber of threads
ps_open_filesOpen files of a process
ps_os_typeQuery the type of the OS
ps-packageps: List, Query, Manipulate System Processes
ps_pidPid of a process handle
ps_pidsIds of all processes on the system
ps_ppidParent pid or parent process of a process
ps_resumeResume (continue) a stopped process
ps_send_signalSend signal to a process
ps_shared_libsList the dynamically loaded libraries of a process
ps_shared_lib_usersList all processes that loaded a shared library
ps_statusCurrent process status
ps_suspendSuspend (stop) the process
ps_system_cpu_timesSystem CPU times.
ps_system_memoryStatistics about system memory usage
ps_system_swapSystem swap memory statistics
ps_terminalTerminal device of the process
ps_terminateTerminate a Unix process
ps_tty_sizeQuery the size of the current terminal
ps_uidsUser ids and group ids of the process
ps_usernameOwner of the process
ps_usersList users connected to the system
signalsList of all supported signals
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