countrycode_data: Country code translation data frame. This data set and the...

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A data frame with 262 observations on the following 14 variables. Used internally by the countrycode() function.




A data frame with 260 rows and 11 columns



To produce consistent conversion, some entries had to be removed from the conversion data frame. For example, the Correlates of War include 4 different codes to represent Western Germany. "countrycode" uses only one of them (CoW code 260 for all years). Similar choices were made in the cases of Korea, Yemen, Congo and Vietnam. Also, Namibia's iso2c code ("NA") can be understood as a missing observation (NA) by R.

Capitalized country names refer to the official short English names, as defined by the ISO organization. ISO does not publish official short English names for countries whose name is not capitalized in the the vector. Continent and region information was taken from the UN website.

This is a (possibly incomplete) list of countries and codes that were dropped:

KOREA, REPUBLIC OF: cown 731 730, cowc PRK KOR YEMEN: cown 680 678, cowc YAR YPR GERMANY: cown 267 260 245, cowc BAV GFR BAD CONGO: cown 490, cowc 484 VIET NAM: cown 816, cowc DRV

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