pso: Particle Swarm Optimization

The package provides an implementation of PSO consistent with the standard PSO 2007/2011 by Maurice Clerc et al. Additionally a number of ancillary routines are provided for easy testing and graphics.

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AuthorClaus Bendtsen <>.
Date of publication2012-09-02 17:06:06
MaintainerClaus Bendtsen <>

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getSuccessRate Man page
getSuccessRate-methods Man page
getSuccessRate,test.result-method Man page
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plot-methods Man page
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points-methods Man page
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pso Man page
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psoptim Man page
psoptim,ANY,ANY,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
psoptim-methods Man page
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show,test.problem-method Man page
show,test.result-method Man page
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