Man pages for psytabs
Produce Well-Formatted Tables for Psychological Research

addPercentAdd percent-signs to a table
addPercentToCountAdd percent-values to a table.
compareModelsCompare two cfa models fitted by lavaan.
corTableCorrelation matrix table.
demographicTableDemographic table.
efaTableExploratory factor analysis table.
freqCalculate frequency.
frequencyTableFrequency table.
linearRegressionTableRegression analysis table.
makeNumericMake numeric
meanTableMean table.
measurementInvarianceTableMeasurement invariance table.
mokkenTableMokken table.
mydataSimulated data.
normsEstablish norms.
normTableNorm table.
psytabs-packageProduce well-formatted tables for psychological research
quantregTableQuantile regression table.
regressionTableRegression analysis table.
saveTableSave a table.
standarderrorStandard error.
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