Man pages for pubh
A Toolbox for Public Health and Epidemiology

axis_labsApply labels from variables to axis-labels in plots.
bar_errorBar charts with error bars.
BernardSurvival of patients with sepsis.
bland_altmanBland-Altman agreement plots.
box_plotConstruct box plots.
BrennerPrevalence of Helicobacter pylori infection in preschool...
bstBootstrap Confidence Intervals.
chisq.fisherInternal test for chi-squared assumption.Fisher (2 by 2). If...
coef_detCoefficient of determination.
contingencyMeasures of association from two by two contingency tables...
contingency2Measures of association from two by two contingency tables...
diag_testDiagnostic tests from variables.
diag_test2Diagnostic tests from direct input.
estatDescriptive statistics for continuous variables.
expand_dfExpand a data frame.
FentressMigraine pain reduction.
freq_contRelative and Cumulative Frequency.
gen_bst_dfGenerate a data frame with estimate and bootstrap CIs.
geo_meanGeometric mean.
get_r2Estimate R2 or Pseudo-R2 from regression models
gf_starAnnotating a plot to display differences between groups.
glm_coefTable of coefficients from generalised linear models.
harm_meanHarmonic mean.
hist_normHistogram with Normal density curve.
HodgkinT-cell counts from Hodgkin's disease patients.
inv_logitInverse of the logit
jack_knifeRanks leverage observations from Jackknife method.
KirkwoodBody weight and plasma volume.
knife_meanJackknife for means.
logistic_gofGoodness of fit for Logistic Regression.
MacmahonBreast cancer and age of childbirth.
mhorMantel-Haenszel odds ratio.
model_labelsUsing labels as coefficient names in tables of coefficients.
multipleMultiple comparisons with plot.
odds_trendFunction to calculate OR using Wald CI, and plot trend.
OnchoOnchocerciasis in Sierra Leone.
predict_invGiven y solve for x in a simple linear model.
prop_orProportion, p1 from proportion p2 and OR.
pseudo_r2Pseudo R2 (logistic regression) 'pseudo_r2' Calculates R2...
qq_plotQuantile-quantile plots against the standard Normal...
rank_influenceRanks observations based upon influence measures on models.
rank_leverageRanks observations by leverage.
reference_rangeReference range (reference interval).
rel_disRelative Dispersion.
RobertsExtracorporeal membrane oxygenation in neonates.
RothmanOral contraceptives and stroke.
round_pvalRounding p-values.
SandlerPassive smoking in adulthood and cancer risk.
SharplesMeasured and self-reported weight in New Zealand.
ss_jkSum of squares for Jackknife.
stats_quotesInternal function to calculate descriptive statistics.
strip_errorStrip plots with error bars.
ThallRCT on the treatment of epilepsy.
theme_pubhA theme for huxtables This function quickly set a default...
TuzsonPeak knee velocity in walking at flexion and extension.
VanderpumpSmoking and mortality in Whickham, England.
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