Pubprint is an extension for the R programming language. This package takes the output of several statistical tests, collects the characteristic values and transforms it in a publish-friendly pattern. Currently only the APA (American Psychological Association) style is supported with output to HTML, LaTeX, Markdown and plain text. The pubprint package is easily customizable, extendable and can be used well with knitr. Additionally pubprint offers a memory system that allows to save and retrieve results of computations.

The package is still in alpha stage. This means that it should work reliable but that the interface of the functions may be subject to change.

The Markdown output is in pandoc flavour and HTML output complies to MathML. If pubprint is used in a document that is processed by knitr, output format will be automatically determined.


CRAN, stable versions

Using CRAN installation is possible with a simple


in a R session.

Bitbucket, stable versions

Download the package from here and install it in a Linux/Unix shell:

R CMD INSTALL pubprint_0.2.1.tar.gz

Bitbucket, development versions

Just download the current repository or get a copy with Mercurial from here and execute the makefile in the source directory:

hg clone
cd pubprint/

Please note that development versions may contain some bugs.


You can find some documentation in the package documentation, later there will be an more in detail documentation with example files as well.




Bugs and missing features

Of course, there aren't any bugs in the pubprint package. But you may encounter unexpected behaviour, missing features or cryptic error messages. If so, please report it to the issue tracker. Thank you!


Any contribution to pubprint is appreciated! Have a look at the development page. Please notice that the package is published under the BSD 2-clause licence and you confirm it by contributing.

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Any scripts or data that you put into this service are public.

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