Man pages for pvldcurve
Simplifies the Analysis of Pressure Volume and Leaf Drying Curves

ApplyCombModApply a combined exponential and linear model
ApplyCombMod2Apply a combined exponential and linear model
ConductanceLeaf Conductance
ExtractFitParamExtracts the fitting parameters from results list
ExtractParamExtracts parameters from result list
FitLeafAreaLeaf area fitting
FittedFWCorrect continuous fresh weight measurements
FWSaturatedSaturated fresh weight estimation
GminMinimum leaf conductance
leaf_drying_dataExperimentally determined leaf drying data
MergeDfMerges data to data frames
ModElasticityModulus of elasticity
OrderCheckOrder Check
OsmoticPotPressure Volume Curve Analysis
PlotOutputPlot Output
pressure_volume_dataPressure volume curve data
RelativeWaterContentRelative Water Content (RWC)
RelativeWaterDeficitRelative Water Deficit (RWD)
RWDIntervalMean relative water deficit (RWD) of an interval
SaturationVaporPressureSaturation vapor pressure (VPsat)
StomatalClosurePoint of stomatal closure
TimeIntervalTime Interval
TimeSinceStartTime Since Start
TranspirationLeaf transpiration
TurgorLossPointTurgor Loss Point
ValidityCheckEnsures the validity of the input data
ValidityCheckDetailChecks if column exists in data, is numeric and has the same...
VaporPressureDeficitVapor Pressure Deficit (VPD)
WeatherAllocationWeather Allocation
weather_dataWeather data
WeightDifferenceWeight Difference
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