pvsR: An R package to interact with the Project Vote Smart API for scientific research

The pvsR package facilitates data retrieval from Project Vote Smart's rich online data base on US politics via the Project Vote Smart application programming interface (PVS API). The functions in this package cover most PVS API classes and methods and return the requested data in a data frame.

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AuthorUlrich Matter
Date of publication2014-09-23 09:53:40
MaintainerUlrich Matter <ulrich.matter@unibas.ch>

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Man pages

CandidateBio.getAddlBio: Get a candidate's additional biographical information

CandidateBio.getBio: Get a candidate's main biographical information

CandidateBio.getDetailedBio: Get a candidate's detailed biographical information

Candidates.getByDistrict: Get a list of candidates according to the district they...

Candidates.getByElection: Get a list of candidates according to the election they are...

Candidates.getByLastname: Get a list of candidates according to their lastname

Candidates.getByLevenshtein: Get a list of candidates according to an approximate lastname...

Candidates.getByOfficeState: Get a list of candidates according to office and state...

Candidates.getByOfficeTypeState: Get a list of candidates according to office type and state...

Candidates.getByZip: Get a list of candidates according to ZIP code

Committee.getCommittee: Get detailed committee (contact) information

Committee.getCommitteeMembers: Get a list of members of a committee

Committee.getCommitteesByTypeState: Get a list of committees according to type and state

Committee.getTypes: Get the committee types (house, senate, joint, etc.)

District.getByOfficeState: Get district IDs according to the office and state

District.getByZip: Get district IDs according to the zip code

Election.getElection: Get district basic election data

Election.getElectionByYearState: Get district basic election data according to year and state...

Election.getElectionByZip: Get district basic election data according to the ZIP code

Election.getStageCandidates: Get district basic election data according to election ID and...

getAllBios: Get several candidates' biographical information

getAllCities: Get basic data on all cities

getAllCounties: Get basic data on all counties

getAllDistricts: Get basic data on all districts

getAllLocalOfficials: Fetch data on all local (city- or county-) officials

getAllVotes: Get several votes

getOffices: Get basic data on all offices

Leadership.getOfficials: Get officials that hold the leadership role in certain states

Leadership.getPositions: Get leadership positions by state and office

Local.getCities: Get cities in a state

Local.getCounties: Get counties in a state

Local.getOfficials: Get officials for a locality

Measure.getMeasure: Get details of a ballot measure

Measure.getMeasuresByYearState: Get a list of state ballot measures in a given year

Npat.getNpat: Get a candidate's most recently filled out NPAT/PCT...

Office.getBranches: Get a list of branches of government and their IDs

Office.getLevels: Get a list of levels of government and their IDs

Office.getOfficesByBranchLevel: Get offices tracked according to branch and level

Office.getOfficesByLevel: Get offices tracked according to level

Office.getOfficesByType: Get offices tracked according to type

Office.getTypes: Get all office types tracked

Officials.getByDistrict: Get a list of officials according to the district they are...

Officials.getByLastname: Get a list of officials according to a last name match

Officials.getByLevenshtein: Get a list of officials according to an approximate last name...

Officials.getByOfficeState: Get a list of officials according to office

Officials.getByOfficeTypeState: Get a list of officials according to office type and state

Officials.getByZip: Get a list of officials according to the ZIP code

Officials.getStatewide: Get a list of officials according to state representation

Rating.getCandidateRating: Get a candidate's rating by special interest groups

Rating.getCategories: Get categories that contain released ratings according to...

Rating.getRating: Get all candidate ratings from an evaluation by a special...

Rating.getSig: Get detailed information about a special interest group

Rating.getSigList: Get a list of special interest groups according to rating...

Rating.getSigRatings: Get all ratings (scorecards) by a special interest group

State.getState: Get information about a state

State.getStateIDs: Get a list of states and their IDs.

Votes.getBill: Get general information on a bill

Votes.getBillAction: Get detailed action information on a certain stage of the...

Votes.getBillActionVoteByOfficial: Get a single vote according to official and action

Votes.getBillActionVotes: Get votes listed by candidate on a certain bill action

Votes.getBillsByCategoryYearState: Get a list of bills according to category, year and state

Votes.getBillsByOfficialCategoryOffice: Get a list of bills according to office, candidate and...

Votes.getBillsByOfficialYearOffice: Get a list of bills according to office (optional), candidate...

Votes.getBillsBySponsorCategory: Get a list of bills according to sponsor(candidate) and...

Votes.getBillsBySponsorYear: Get a list of bills according to sponsor(candidate) and year

Votes.getBillsByStateRecent: Get a list of recent bills according to the state.

Votes.getBillsByYearState: Get a list of bills according to year and state

Votes.getByOfficial: Get all the bills an official has voted on by year

Votes.getCategories: Get a list of categories that contain released bills...

Votes.getVetoes: Get a list of vetoes according to candidate


CandidateBio.getAddlBio Man page
CandidateBio.getBio Man page
CandidateBio.getDetailedBio Man page
Candidates.getByDistrict Man page
Candidates.getByElection Man page
Candidates.getByLastname Man page
Candidates.getByLevenshtein Man page
Candidates.getByOfficeState Man page
Candidates.getByOfficeTypeState Man page
Candidates.getByZip Man page
Committee.getCommittee Man page
Committee.getCommitteeMembers Man page
Committee.getCommitteesByTypeState Man page
Committee.getTypes Man page
District.getByOfficeState Man page
District.getByZip Man page
Election.getElection Man page
Election.getElectionByYearState Man page
Election.getElectionByZip Man page
Election.getStageCandidates Man page
getAllBios Man page
getAllCities Man page
getAllCounties Man page
getAllDistricts Man page
getAllLocalOfficials Man page
getAllVotes Man page
getOffices Man page
Leadership.getOfficials Man page
Leadership.getPositions Man page
Local.getCities Man page
Local.getCounties Man page
Local.getOfficials Man page
Measure.getMeasure Man page
Measure.getMeasuresByYearState Man page
Npat.getNpat Man page
Office.getBranches Man page
Office.getLevels Man page
Office.getOfficesByBranchLevel Man page
Office.getOfficesByLevel Man page
Office.getOfficesByType Man page
Office.getTypes Man page
Officials.getByDistrict Man page
Officials.getByLastname Man page
Officials.getByLevenshtein Man page
Officials.getByOfficeState Man page
Officials.getByOfficeTypeState Man page
Officials.getByZip Man page
Officials.getStatewide Man page
Rating.getCandidateRating Man page
Rating.getCategories Man page
Rating.getRating Man page
Rating.getSig Man page
Rating.getSigList Man page
Rating.getSigRatings Man page
State.getState Man page
State.getStateIDs Man page
Votes.getBill Man page
Votes.getBillAction Man page
Votes.getBillActionVoteByOfficial Man page
Votes.getBillActionVotes Man page
Votes.getBillsByCategoryYearState Man page
Votes.getBillsByOfficialCategoryOffice Man page
Votes.getBillsByOfficialYearOffice Man page
Votes.getBillsBySponsorCategory Man page
Votes.getBillsBySponsorYear Man page
Votes.getBillsByStateRecent Man page
Votes.getBillsByYearState Man page
Votes.getByOfficial Man page
Votes.getCategories Man page
Votes.getVetoes Man page


R/Votes.getBillsByYearState.R R/Local.getOfficials.R R/Votes.getCategories.R R/Office.getBranches.R R/Rating.getCategories.R R/pvsRequest6.R R/pvsRequest5.R R/getAllVotes.R R/Votes.getBillsByOfficialYearOffice.R R/Committee.getCommittee.R R/getAllDistricts.R R/pvsRequest9.1.R R/pvsRequest6.1b.R R/Officials.getStatewide.R R/Election.getElection.R R/CandidateBio.getDetailedBio.R R/Officials.getByLastname.R R/Votes.getByOfficial.R R/Votes.getBillsByCategoryYearState.R R/Candidates.getByLevenshtein.R R/Measure.getMeasure.R R/Officials.getByOfficeTypeState.R R/Rating.getRating.R R/State.getStateIDs.R R/Votes.getBillAction.R R/getAllCounties.R R/Officials.getByLevenshtein.R R/pvsRequestDetailedBio.R R/CandidateBio.getAddlBio.R R/Leadership.getOfficials.R R/Votes.getBillsByStateRecent.R R/Rating.getSig.R R/getAllBios.R R/Rating.getCandidateRating.R R/Candidates.getByOfficeState.R R/Election.getElectionByZip.R R/Officials.getByZip.R R/pvsRequest8.R R/Committee.getCommitteeMembers.R R/Committee.getTypes.R R/Rating.getSigRatings.R R/Votes.getBillsBySponsorYear.R R/pvsRequest9.R R/Election.getElectionByYearState.R R/District.getByOfficeState.R R/Local.getCounties.R R/State.getState.R R/Votes.getBillActionVoteByOfficial.R R/getOffices.R R/getAllLocalOfficials.R R/pvsRequest6.1.R R/CandidateBio.getBio.R R/Office.getOfficesByBranchLevel.R R/Candidates.getByZip.R R/Votes.getBillActionVotes.R R/Officials.getByOfficeState.R R/Votes.getBillsByOfficialCategoryOffice.R R/getAllCities.R R/Office.getOfficesByType.R R/Office.getTypes.R R/pvsRequest7.1.R R/Measure.getMeasuresByYearState.R R/dfList.R R/pvsRequest4.1.R R/Candidates.getByElection.R R/Election.getStageCandidates.R R/pvsRequest3.R R/Votes.getBillsBySponsorCategory.R R/Votes.getBill.R R/pvsrRequest10.R R/Local.getCities.R R/Office.getOfficesByLevel.R R/Candidates.getByDistrict.R R/Office.getLevels.R R/pvsRequest.R R/District.getByZip.R R/Candidates.getByLastname.R R/Leadership.getPositions.R R/pvsRequest4.R R/redlist.R R/pvsRequest_PCT.R R/Votes.getVetoes.R R/Candidates.getByOfficeTypeState.R R/Npat.getNpat.R R/Committee.getCommitteesByTypeState.R R/Officials.getByDistrict.R R/Rating.getSigList.R
man/Election.getElection.Rd man/State.getState.Rd man/getAllDistricts.Rd man/Votes.getBillsBySponsorYear.Rd man/Votes.getBillsByCategoryYearState.Rd man/Votes.getVetoes.Rd man/District.getByOfficeState.Rd man/Npat.getNpat.Rd man/Officials.getByOfficeTypeState.Rd man/Office.getTypes.Rd man/Office.getLevels.Rd man/Rating.getCandidateRating.Rd man/Office.getBranches.Rd man/getAllVotes.Rd man/Candidates.getByLevenshtein.Rd man/Officials.getByOfficeState.Rd man/Votes.getBillsByStateRecent.Rd man/Committee.getCommitteesByTypeState.Rd man/Local.getCounties.Rd man/Votes.getBillsBySponsorCategory.Rd man/getOffices.Rd man/Election.getElectionByYearState.Rd man/Candidates.getByOfficeState.Rd man/Committee.getTypes.Rd man/Leadership.getOfficials.Rd man/Candidates.getByElection.Rd man/Officials.getByZip.Rd man/District.getByZip.Rd man/Office.getOfficesByType.Rd man/Office.getOfficesByBranchLevel.Rd man/Local.getCities.Rd man/Committee.getCommitteeMembers.Rd man/getAllCounties.Rd man/Candidates.getByOfficeTypeState.Rd man/CandidateBio.getBio.Rd man/Votes.getByOfficial.Rd man/Measure.getMeasure.Rd man/Votes.getCategories.Rd man/Votes.getBillActionVotes.Rd man/State.getStateIDs.Rd man/Office.getOfficesByLevel.Rd man/Officials.getByLevenshtein.Rd man/CandidateBio.getAddlBio.Rd man/Election.getStageCandidates.Rd man/Candidates.getByLastname.Rd man/Rating.getSigRatings.Rd man/Votes.getBillsByYearState.Rd man/Votes.getBillAction.Rd man/Rating.getSigList.Rd man/Local.getOfficials.Rd man/Votes.getBill.Rd man/getAllLocalOfficials.Rd man/Officials.getByDistrict.Rd man/Votes.getBillsByOfficialYearOffice.Rd man/Leadership.getPositions.Rd man/Election.getElectionByZip.Rd man/Measure.getMeasuresByYearState.Rd man/CandidateBio.getDetailedBio.Rd man/getAllCities.Rd man/Officials.getStatewide.Rd man/Votes.getBillsByOfficialCategoryOffice.Rd man/Rating.getSig.Rd man/getAllBios.Rd man/Candidates.getByDistrict.Rd man/Committee.getCommittee.Rd man/Rating.getCategories.Rd man/Candidates.getByZip.Rd man/Officials.getByLastname.Rd man/Rating.getRating.Rd man/Votes.getBillActionVoteByOfficial.Rd

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