Man pages for pysd2r
API to 'Python' Library 'pysd'

get_docFormats a table of variable names
get_final_timeGets the final time from the model
get_initial_timeGets the initial time from the model
get_python_infoGets the current python configuration for reticulate
get_timestepGets the time step (DT) from the model
pysd_connectCreates an object to facilitate interaction with pysd
read_vensimLoads a Vensim simulation file (mdl)
read_xmileLoads a XMILE simulation file (.xmile)
reload_modelReloads the model from original mdl file
run_modelRuns a simulation model
set_componentsChanges a model parameter
set_time_valuesSets the initial time, final time, and timestep
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