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Python String Methods in R

pystrPython String Methods in R
pystr_capitalizeCapitalize a string.
pystr_centerCenter a string.
pystr_countCount the occurrences of a substring.
pystr_endswithCheck the suffix of a string.
pystr_findFind the lowest index of a substring.
pystr_formatFormat a string.
pystr_indexFind the lowest index of a substring.
pystr_isalnumCheck if a string is alphanumeric.
pystr_isalphaCheck if a string is alphabetic.
pystr_islowerCheck if a string is lowercase.
pystr_isnumericCheck if a string is numeric.
pystr_isspaceCheck if a string is whitespace.
pystr_istitleCheck if a string is titlecase.
pystr_isupperCheck if a string is uppercase.
pystr_joinJoin the elements of a character vector or list into a...
pystr_ljustLeft justify a string.
pystr_lowerLowercase a string.
pystr_lstripLeft strip a string.
pystr_maketransCreate a character map.
pystr_partitionPartition a string.
pystr_replaceReplace substrings within a string.
pystr_rfindFind the highest index of a substring.
pystr_rindexFind the highest index of a substring.
pystr_rjustRight justify a string.
pystr_rpartitionPartition a string from the right.
pystr_rsplitRight split a string.
pystr_rstripRight strip a string.
pystr_splitSplit a string.
pystr_splitlinesSplit a string at linebreaks.
pystr_startswithCheck the prefix of a string.
pystr_stripStrip a string.
pystr_swapcaseSwap the case of a string.
pystr_titleTitlecase a string.
pystr_translateTranslate a string.
pystr_upperUppercase a string.
pystr_zfillZero-pad a string.
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