Man pages for qad
Quantification of Asymmetric Dependence

D1Calculate the D1 distance between two dependence structures
ECBCCalculate empirical checkerboard copula
emp_c_copulaThe empirical checkerboard copula
heatmap.qadHeatmap of dependence measures
pairwise.qadPairwise quantification of (asymmetric and directed)...
PlantDiversityPlant diversity
plot_densityPlot density of empirical checkerboard copula
plot.qadPlot conditional probabilites
predict.qadPredict conditional probabilities
qadMeasure of (asymmetric and directed) dependence
qad_distributionDistribution of qad (H0: independence)
qad-packageQuantification of Asymmetric Dependencies
summary.qadSummarize a qad object
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