Man pages for qfasar
Quantitative Fatty Acid Signature Analysis in R

add_cc_errAdd error to the calibration coefficients
adj_diet_fatAdjust diet composition estimates for prey fat content
cc_augCalibration coefficient for an augmented signature proportion
comp_chi_gammaCompute gamma parameter of chi-square distance measure
diet_obj_funcDiet estimation objective function
diet_poolPool diet estimates to combined prey types
dimacDiversive magnetic clustering
dist_between_2_sigsCompute the distance between two fatty acid signatures
dist_pairs_mapCreats a map of the distance between pairs of fatty acid...
dist_sigs_2_meanDistance between fatty acid signatures and their mean
dist_sum_pairwiseDistance between pairs of fatty acid signatures
est_dietEstimate predator diet composition
find_boot_ssFind realistic bootstrap sample sizes
gofGoodness-of-fit for modeled predator signatures
lopoLeave-one-prey-out analysis
lopo_poolPool lopo results to original prey types
make_diet_gridGenerate a regular grid of diet compositions
make_diet_randGenerate random diet compositions
make_ghostMake a ghost prey signature
make_pred_sigsSimulate predator signatures
make_prey_partMake prey partition
pm_obj_funcParameterized mean objective function
pred_beyond_preyIdentify predator signature proportions beyond range of prey
prep_faPrepare fatty acid information analysis
prep_sigPrepare fatty acid signature data for analysis
sig_rep_zeroReplace invalid fatty acid signature proportions
sig_scaleScale fatty acid signature proportions
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