Man pages for qgam
Smooth Additive Quantile Regression Models

AUDemAustralian electricity demand data
checkGeneric checking function
check.learnVisual checks for the output of tuneLearn()
check.learnFastVisual checks for the output of tuneLearnFast()
check.qgamSome diagnostics for a fitted qgam model
cqcheckVisually checking a fitted quantile model
cqcheckIInteractive visual checks for additive quantile fits
elfExtended log-F model with fixed scale
elflssExtended log-F model with variable scale
log1pexpCalculating log(1+exp(x)) accurately
mqgamFit multiple smooth additive quantile regression models
pinLossPinball loss function
qdoManipulating the output of 'mqgam'
qgamFit a smooth additive quantile regression model
sigmoidSigmoid function and its derivatives
tuneLearnTuning the learning rate for Gibbs posterior
tuneLearnFastFast learning rate calibration for the Gibbs posterior
UKloadUK electricity load data
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