Man pages for qlcData
Processing Data for Quantitative Language Comparison (QLC)

asPhyloConvert Glottolog trees to phylo format
expandvaluesInternal helper
getTreeExtract parts out of the full Glottolog 2016 tree
glottologGlottolog data from <URL:>
join_alignJoin various multialignments into one combined dataframe
launch_shinyLaunch Shiny app
pass_alignTransfer alignment from one string to another
qlcData-packageProcessing data for quantitative language comparison (QLC)
read_alignReading different versions of linguistic multialignments.
readwrite_orthographyWriting (and reading) of an orthography profile skeleton
readwrite_recodingReading and writing of recoding files.
recodeRecoding nominal data
tokenizeTokenization and transliteration of character strings based...
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