Man pages for qlcMatrix
Utility Sparse Matrix Functions for Quantitative Language Comparison

arraySparse Arrays ("Tensors")
assocSparseAssociation between columns (sparse matrices)
biblesA selection of bible-texts
corSparsePearson correlation between columns (sparse matrices)
cosNominalAssociations-measures for sparsely encoded nominal variables
cosSparseCosine similarity between columns (sparse matrices)
dimRedDimensionality Reduction for sparse matrices, based on...
distSparseSparse distance matrix calculations
huberComparative vocabulary for indigenous languages of Colombia...
jMatrixHarmonize ('join') sparse matrices
pwMatrixConstruct 'part-whole' (pw) Matrices from tokenized strings
qlcMatrix-packageUtility sparse matrix functions for Quantitative Language...
rKhatriRao'reduced' Khatri-Rao product (sparse matrices)
rowMaxRow and column extremes (sparse matrices)
rSparseMatrixConstruct a random sparse matrix
sim.nominalSimilarity-measures for nominal variables
sim.stringsString similarity by cosine similarity between bigram vectors
sim.wordlistSimilarity matrices from wordlists
sim.wordsSimilarity-measures for words between two languages, based on...
splitStringsConstruct unigram and bigram matrices from a vector of...
splitTableConstruct sparse matrices from a nominal matrix/dataframe
splitTextConstruct sparse matrices from parallel texts
splitWordlistConstruct sparse matrices from comparative wordlists (aka...
ttMatrixConstruct a 'type-token' (tt) Matrix from a vector
unfoldUnfolding of Arrays
unfoldBlockMatrixUnfolding of block matrices (sparse matrices)
walsThe World Atlas of Language Structures (WALS)
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