Man pages for qmethod
Analysis of Subjective Perspectives Using Q Methodology

build.q.setQ methodology: sample a Q set from a concourse
centroidQ methodology: centroid extraction
export.pqmethodQ methodology: export to PQMethod *.DAT and *.STA files
export.qmQ Methodology: export results to a plain text document
import.easyhtmlqQ methodology: import data from easy-HTMLQ
importexampleImport Example
import.htmlqQ methodology: import data from HTMLQ and FlashQ
import.pqmethodQ methodology: import PQMethod *.DAT files
import.q.concourseQ methodology: import concourse of Q items
import.q.feedbackQ methodology: imports feedback on Q items
import.q.sortsQ methodology: import Q-sorts from CSV
lipset_Lipset_ (1963) Q methodology dataset
loa.and.flagsQ methodology: show factor loadings next to flags
make.cardsQ methodology: produce printable cards for Q study with ID...
make.distributionQ methodology: create Q normal distribution
plot.QmethodResQ Method: plot for statement z-scores
print.QmethodResQ Method: print method for results
qbstepQ Methodology: Single step for the bootstrap
qdcQ methodology: distinguishing and consensus statements
qdc.zscQ methodology: distinguishing and consensus statements
qfcharactQ methodology: factor characteristics
qflagQ methodology: automatic flagging of Q-sorts
q.fnamesChange factor names in the results of Q methodology analysis
qfsiQ Methodology: Factor Stability index
qindtestQ Methodology: PCA bootstrap indeterminacy tests
qmbootsQ Methodology: Bootstrap
qmb.plotQ Methodology: Plot of bootstrap results
qmb.summaryQ Methodology: Summary of bootstrap results
qmethodQ methodology analysis
qmethod-packagePackage for Q methodology analysis
qpcrustesQ Methodology: Procrustes rotation of loadings
qzscoresQ methodology: z-scores from loadings
runInterfaceQ methodology: Graphical User Interface (GUI)
summary.QmethodResQ methodology: summary for class 'QmethodRes'
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