Man pages for qmrparser
Parser combinator in R

alternationAlternative phrases
charInSetParserSingle character, belonging to a given set, token
charParserSpecific single character token.
commentParserComment token.
concatenationOne phrase then another
dotsDots sequence token.
emptyEmpty token
eofMarkEnd of file token
isDigitIs it a digit?
isHexIs it an hexadecimal digit?
isLetterIs it a letter?
isLowercaseIs it a lower case?
isNewlineIs it a new line character?
isSymbolIs it a symbol?
isUppercaseIs it an upper case?
isWhitespaceIs it a white space?
keywordArbitrary given token.
numberFloatFloating-point number token.
numberIntegerInteger number token.
numberNaturalNatural number token.
numberScientificNumber in scientific notation token.
optionOptional parser
pcAxisCubeMakeCreates PC-AXIS cube
pcAxisCubeToCSVExports a PC-AXIS cube into CSV in several files.
pcAxisParserParser for PC-AXIS format files
qmrparser-packageParser combinator in R
repetition0NRepeats one parser
repetition1NRepeats a parser, at least once.
separatorGeneric word separator token.
streamParserGeneric interface for character processing, allowing forward...
streamParserFromFileNameCreates a streamParser from a file name
streamParserFromStringCreates a streamParser from a string
stringToken string
symbolicAlphanumeric token.
whitespaceWhite sequence token.
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