Man pages for quantable
Streamline Descriptive Analysis of Quantitative Data Matrices

addSpecialProteinsadd special labels
altmanblandaltman-bland plot
colNAsget NR of NA's per matrix or data.frame column
CVcompute CV for each row in matrix
CVloggeometric coefficient of variation (CV for log transformed...
dat2Matrixconverts sparse representation to dense where row and col can...
determineCutdetermine best Accuracy cuttoff
distmydistance among matrix columns with freely choosable distance...
filterSignificantfilters significant values and returns them as list of...
fisherExactget p-values using fishers exact test for count data
getBlueScalecreate blue color scale
getBlueWhiteRedcreate blue white red palette
getDivcreate divergent palette
getGreensScalecreate green color scale
getRedScalecreate red color scale
getTValuesForVolcanoget p-values of t-test values for volcano
getWRValuesForVolcanoget p-values of wilcoxon rank sum test for volcano
imageColorscaleif you need an colorscale to you imagelables use this
image_nanCopy of...
imageWithLabelsimage plot with labels
imageWithLabelsNoLayoutimage plot with labels
jackknifeMatrixCompute correlation matrix with jack
makeROCplotcreate density plots of cases and controls and ROC plot
matrix_to_tibbleMatrix to tibble (taken from tidyquant)
multigroupFCDATAexample data from multigroup analysis
multigroupVolcanoplot volcano given multiple conditions
my_jackknifecopute jack knive
mypairsnormal pairs plot with different pch and plus abline
mypairsSmoothsmoothScatter pairs
onesamplegreaterTOne sample single sided t-test on matrix
pairsQQpairsplot of QQ plots
panel.corcorrelation panel for pairs plot function (used as default in...
panel.histhistogram panel for pairs function (used as default in...
plotOneSideVolcanoPlot and filter data coming from one sample single sided...
ProgenesisBuildAnnotationbuild annotation from column names
ProgenesisReadreads file exportet from progenesis ProgenesisRead
pvalCorMatpvalues for correlation matrix -
quantableStreamline descriptive analysis of quantitative data matrices
removeDecorrelatedremove decorrelated rows
removeNArowsRemoves rows with more than thresh NA's from matrix
robustscalerobust scaling uses median an mad instead of mean and row...
rowNAsget NR of NA's per matrix or data.frame row
runFunrunning function (default median absolute deviation)
runrobscalerunning robust scaling of arefw
runTICscalerunning total ion count scaling (TIC)
scaleByGroupscale data given group
setdiff_data.framesetdiff for data frames
simpleheatmapheatmap2 facade
split2tablesplits names and creates a matrix
sumtopsums top rows of matrix uses median of row to determine row...
unpivotunpivot data matrix
uppertriangget values of upper triangle from matrix
volcano2GDEPRECATED Volcano plot using ggplot and ggrepel
volcano2GBVolcano with more control
volcanoplotvolcano plot
write.tabwrite table in tab delimited no quotes no row.names (usefull...
write.vectorwrite vectors as single column table (usefull for exporting...
xxx_replace_xxxreplace patterns (vector) with replacements (vector) in...
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