Man pages for quantchem
Quantitative chemical analysis: calibration and evaluation of results

AIC.calAkaike's An Information Criterion for calibration models
anova.lmcalANOVA tests for calibration models
confint.calConfidence intervals for calibration curve parameters
derivativeDerivative of fitted polynomial
dstatDescriptive statistics of quantitative analysis results
ibuprofenCalibration data for several compounds
lmcalPerform linear and nonlinear calibration of analytical method
lofLack-of-Fit testing of calibration models
plot.lmcalCalibration plots
predict.lmcalInverse predict concentration from given responses
residuals.calResiduals of calibration curves
summary.lmcalSummarizing fitted calibration curves
tabletsTablet mass data
vstatVariability statistics of quantitative analysis results
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