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Quantitative Analysis of Textual Data

as.corpuscoerce a compressed corpus to a standard corpus
as.corpus.corpuszipcoerce a compressed corpus to a standard corpus
as.dictionarycoercion and checking functions for dictionary objects
as.dist.distcoerce a dist into a dist
as.list.distcoerce a dist object into a list
as.list.dist_selectioncoerce a dist_selection object into a list
as.matrix.dfmcoerce a dfm to a matrix or data.frame
as.matrix.dist_selectioncoerce a dist_selection object to a matrix
as.matrix.similCoerce a simil object into a matrix
as.tokenscoercion, checking, and combining functions for tokens...
as.yamlconvert quanteda dictionary objects to the YAML format
attributes-setfunction extending base::attributes()
bootstrap_dfmbootstrap a dfm
cbind.dfmCombine dfm objects by Rows or Columns
char_tolowerconvert the case of character objects
coef.textmodelextract text model coefficients
collocationsdeprecated function names for textstat_collocations
convertconvert a dfm to a non-quanteda format
convert-wrappersconvenience wrappers for dfm convert
corpusconstruct a corpus object
corpus-classbase method extensions for corpus objects
corpus_reshaperecast the document units of a corpus
corpus_samplerandomly sample documents from a corpus
corpus_segmentsegment texts on a pattern match
corpus_subsetextract a subset of a corpus
corpus_trimremove sentences based on their token lengths or a pattern...
corpus_trimsentencesremove sentences based on their token lengths or a pattern...
createutility function to create a object with new set of...
data_char_sampletexta paragraph of text for testing various text-based functions
data_char_ukimmig2010immigration-related sections of 2010 UK party manifestos
data_corpus_inauguralUS presidential inaugural address texts
data_corpus_irishbudget2010Irish budget speeches from 2010
data-deprecateddatasets with deprecated or defunct names
data_dfm_lbgexampledfm from data in Table 1 of Laver, Benoit, and Garry (2003)
data_dictionary_LSD2015Lexicoder Sentiment Dictionary (2015)
data-internalinternal data sets
dfmcreate a document-feature matrix
dfm2lsaconvert a dfm to an lsa "textmatrix"
dfm-classVirtual class "dfm" for a document-feature matrix
dfm_compressrecombine a dfm or fcm by combining identical dimension...
dfm_groupcombine documents in a dfm by a grouping variable
dfm-internalinternal functions for dfm objects
dfm_lookupapply a dictionary to a dfm
dfm_samplerandomly sample documents or features from a dfm
dfm_selectselect features from a dfm or fcm
dfm_sortsort a dfm by frequency of one or more margins
dfm_subsetextract a subset of a dfm
dfm_tolowerconvert the case of the features of a dfm and combine
dfm_trimtrim a dfm using frequency threshold-based feature selection
dfm_weightweight the feature frequencies in a dfm
dictionarycreate a dictionary
dictionary-classprint a dictionary object
docfreqcompute the (weighted) document frequency of a feature
docnamesget or set document names
docvarsget or set for document-level variables
escape_regexinternal function for 'select_types()' to escape regular...
fcmcreate a feature co-occurrence matrix
fcm-classVirtual class "fcm" for a feature co-occurrence matrix
fcm_sortsort an fcm in alphabetical order of the features
featnamesget the feature labels from a dfm
groupsgrouping variable(s) for various functions
head.corpusreturn the first or last part of a corpus
head.dfmreturn the first or last part of a dfm
is.dfmcoercion and checking functions for dfm objects
is_regexinternal function for 'select_types()' to check if a string...
keynesscompute keyness (internal functions)
kwiclocate keywords-in-context
list2dictionaryinternal function to convert a list to a dictionary
merge_dictionary_valuesinternal function to merge values of duplicated keys
metacorpusget or set corpus metadata
metadocget or set document-level meta-data
ndoccount the number of documents or features
nest_dictionaryutility function to generate a nested list
nscrabblecount the Scrabble letter values of text
nsentencecount the number of sentences
nsyllablecount syllables in a text
ntokencount the number of tokens or types
patternpattern for feature, token and keyword matching
pattern2idconvert various input as pattern to a vector used in...
phrasedeclare a compound character to be a sequence of separate...
predict.textmodelprediction method for Naive Bayes classifier objects
print.dfmprint a dfm object
print.dist_selectionprint a dist_selection object
print.phrasesprint a phrase object
quanteda_optionsget or set package options for quanteda
quanteda-packageAn R package for the quantitative analysis of textual data
read_dict_liwcImport a LIWC-formatted dictionary
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
regex2idconvert regex and glob patterns to type IDs or fixed patterns
remove_empty_keysutility function to remove empty keys
replace_dictionary_valuesinternal function to replace dictionary values
scrabbledeprecated name for nscrabble
settingsGet or set the corpus settings
slots-setfunction to assign multiple slots to a S4 object
spacyr-methodsextensions for and from spacy_parse objects
sparsitycompute the sparsity of a document-feature matrix
stopwordsaccess built-in stopwords
summary.charactersummary statistics on a character vector
summary.corpussummarize a corpus
syllablesdeprecated name for nsyllable
textmodelfit a text model
textmodel_cacorrespondence analysis of a document-feature matrix
textmodel_fitted-classthe fitted textmodel classes
textmodel-internalinternal functions for textmodel objects
textmodel_nbNaive Bayes classifier for texts
textmodel_wordfishwordfish text model
textmodel_wordscoresWordscores text model
textmodel_wordshoalwordshoal text model
textplot_keynessplot word keyness
textplot_scale1dplot a fitted scaling model
textplot_wordcloudplot features as a wordcloud
textplot_xrayplot the dispersion of key word(s)
textsget or assign corpus texts
textstat_collocationsidentify and score multi-word expressions
textstat_frequencytabulate feature frequencies
textstat_keynesscalculate keyness statistics
textstat_lexdivcalculate lexical diversity
textstat_readabilitycalculate readability
textstat_similSimilarity and distance computation between documents or...
tfcompute (weighted) term frequency from a dfm
tfidfcompute tf-idf weights from a dfm
tokenstokenize a set of texts
tokens_compoundconvert token sequences into compound tokens
tokens_grouprecombine documents tokens by groups
tokens_lookupapply a dictionary to a tokens object
tokens_ngramscreate ngrams and skipgrams from tokens
tokens_recompilerecompile a serialized tokens object
tokens_replacereplace types in tokens object
tokens_segmentsegment tokens object by patterns
tokens_selectselect or remove tokens from a tokens object
tokens_serializeFunction to serialized list-of-character tokens
tokens_tolowerconvert the case of tokens
tokens_wordstemstem the terms in an object
topfeaturesidentify the most frequent features in a dfm
typesget types of tokens from a tokens object
valuetypepattern matching using valuetype
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