Man pages for quickmapr
Quickly Map and Explore Spatial Data

bbox_to_spsp bbox to poly
bufferBuffer of Lake Sunapee for 'quickmapr' examples
build_map_databuilds a map_data from many input types
elevElevation Data for 'quickmapr' examples
examp_lakesLakes from the National Lakes Morphometry Dataset for...
fReturns qmap object to original extent
get_basemapGet a basemap from USGS National Map
get_colorsgets color from input qmap
get_rangeGets the x and y diff of a qmap_obj
get_sp_typePull out essential info on sp class
i_gridIdentify Rasters
i_lineIdentify Lines
i_pointIdentify Points
i_polyIdentify Polys
lLabel features
lakeLake Data for 'quickmapr' examples
lengthMaximum Lake Length line for 'quickmapr' examples
make_jpwmake jpeg world file
nlcdLand Cover Data for 'quickmapr' examples
pPan the current plot
plot.qmapDefault plotting of a qmap object
print.qmapDefault plotting of a qmap object
qmapBuild qmap object
quickmaprQuick visualization of spatial data with simple interactivity
samplesPoint data for 'quickmapr' examples
s_lineselect Lines
s_pointselect Points
s_polyselect Polys
widthMaximum lake width for 'quickmapr' examples
zeZooms in on extent
ziZooms in on current plot
zoZooms out on current plot
zoom_itZoom it
zoom_testTest range of zoom
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