quickpsy: Fits Psychometric Functions for Multiple Groups

Quickly fits and plots psychometric functions (normal, logistic, Weibull or any or any function defined by the user) for multiple groups.

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AuthorLinares Daniel [aut, cre], López-Moliner Joan [aut]
Date of publication2016-10-27 00:21:52
MaintainerLinares Daniel <danilinares@gmail.com>
LicenseMIT + file LICENSE

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Man pages

aic: Calculates the AICs

avbootstrap: Creates bootstrap samples

create_full_nll: Creates the full negative log-likelihood function...

create_nll: Creates the negative log-likelihood function 'create_nll'...

create_nllsaturated: Creates the full saturated negative log-likelihood function...

create_psy_fun: Creates the psychometric function 'create_psy_fun' creates...

cum_normal_fun: Cumulative normal function

curvesbootstrap: Creates the bootstrap curves 'curvesbootstrap' creates the...

deviance: Calculates the deviances

devianceboot: Calculates the bootsrap deviances

deviancep: Calculates the probability of obtaining the deviance value or...

fitpsy: Fits the curve 'fitpsy' fits de curve

get_functions: Predefined functions

inv_cum_normal_fun: Inverse cumulative normal function

inv_logistic_fun: Inverse logistic function

inv_weibull_fun: Inverse Weibull function

limits: Creates the limits 'limits' creates the limits

logistic_fun: Logistic function

logliks: Calculates the loglikelihoods 'logliks' calculates the...

logliksboot: Calculates the bootstrap loglikelihoods

logliksbootsaturated: Calculates the bootstrap loglikelihoods for the saturated...

loglikssaturated: Calculates the loglikelihoods of the saturated model

one_aic: Calculates the AIC for one condition 'one_aic' creates the...

one_curve: Creates the curve for one condition 'one_curve' Creates the...

one_deviance: Creates the deviance for one condition 'one_deviance' creates...

one_deviancep: Calculates the probability of obtaining the deviance value or...

one_limit: Creates the limits for one condition 'one_limit' creates the...

one_loglik: Creates the loglik for one condition 'one_loglik' creates the...

one_logliksaturated: Creates the loglik for the saturated model for one condition...

one_parameters: Obtains the parameters for one condition 'one_parameters'...

one_parci: Calculates the confidence intervals for one condition...

one_parcomparisons: Pair comparisons of the parameters using bootstrap (for each...

one_sse: Calculates the sum of squared errors of prediction 'one_sse'...

one_threshold: Calculates the threshold for one condition 'one_threshold'...

one_thresholdcomparisons: Pair comparisons of the thresholds using bootstrap...

one_thresholdsci: Calculates the confidence intervals for the threshold of one...

one_ypred: Calculate the predictions of the response variable for one...

parameters: Calculates the parameters 'parameters' calculates the...

parbootstrap: Creates bootstrap samples of the parameters

parci: Calculates the confidence intervals for the parameters...

parcomparisons: Pair comparisons of the parameters using bootstrap...

parini: Calculates some initial parameters 'parini' calculates some...

parn: Creates one bootstrap sample 'one_bootstrapav' creates one...

plotcurves: Plot the curves

plotcurves_: Plot the curves

plotpar: Plot the values of the parameters

plotpar_: Plot the values of the parameters

plotthresholds: Plot the thresholds

plotthresholds_: Plot the thresholds

qpdat: Data set for demonstration

quickpsy: Fits psychometric functions

quickpsy_: Fits psychometric functions

quickreadfiles: Reads several files

sse: Sum of squared errors of prediction

summary.quickpsy: Plot the parameters and its confidence intervals 'summary'...

thresholdcomparisons: Pair comparisons of the parameters using bootstrap...

thresholds: Calculates the thresholds

thresholdsbootstrap: Calculates bootstrap thresholds 'thresholdsbootstrap'...

thresholdsci: Calculates the confidence intervals for the thresholds...

weibull_fun: Weibull function

ypred: Predicted probabilities


aic Man page
avbootstrap Man page
create_full_nll Man page
create_nll Man page
create_nllsaturated Man page
create_psy_fun Man page
cum_normal_fun Man page
curvesbootstrap Man page
deviance Man page
devianceboot Man page
deviancep Man page
fitpsy Man page
get_functions Man page
inv_cum_normal_fun Man page
inv_logistic_fun Man page
inv_weibull_fun Man page
limits Man page
logistic_fun Man page
logliks Man page
logliksboot Man page
logliksbootsaturated Man page
loglikssaturated Man page
one_aic Man page
one_curve Man page
one_deviance Man page
one_deviancep Man page
one_limit Man page
one_loglik Man page
one_logliksaturated Man page
one_parameters Man page
one_parci Man page
one_parcomparisons Man page
one_sse Man page
one_threshold Man page
one_thresholdcomparisons Man page
one_thresholdsci Man page
one_ypred Man page
parameters Man page
parbootstrap Man page
parci Man page
parcomparisons Man page
parini Man page
parn Man page
plotcurves Man page
plotcurves_ Man page
plotpar Man page
plotpar_ Man page
plotthresholds Man page
plotthresholds_ Man page
qpdat Man page
quickpsy Man page
quickpsy_ Man page
quickreadfiles Man page
sse Man page
summary.quickpsy Man page
thresholdcomparisons Man page
thresholds Man page
thresholdsbootstrap Man page
thresholdsci Man page
weibull_fun Man page
ypred Man page


R/plotpar.R R/get_functions.R R/parci.R R/one_parcomparisons.R R/quickpsy.R R/thresholdcomparisons.R R/plotpar_.R R/one_ypred.R R/plotcurves.R R/plotthresholds_.R R/one_parameters.R R/thresholdsci.R R/create_nllsaturated.R R/plotthresholds.R R/plot.R R/aic.R R/one_aic.R R/logistic_fun.R R/fitpsy.R R/ypred.R R/curvesbootstrap.R R/one_loglik.R R/one_thresholdcomparisons.R R/one_deviancep.R R/quickpsy_.R R/avbootstrap.R R/one_bootstrapav.R R/one_parci.R R/create_nll.R R/inv_cum_normal_fun.R R/devianceboot.R R/thresholdsbootstrap.R R/one_curve.R R/print.R R/thresholds.R R/deviance.R R/parbootstrap.R R/inv_weibull_fun.R R/one_deviance.R R/logliksbootsaturated.R R/one_thresholdsci.R R/one_logliksaturated.R R/quickreadfiles.R R/loglikssaturated.R R/create_psy_fun.R R/summary.R R/inv_logistic_fun.R R/logliksboot.R R/parini.R R/weibull_fun.R R/cum_normal_fun.R R/deviancep.R R/parcomparisons.R R/create_full_nll.R R/curves.R R/logliks.R R/parameters.R R/limits.R R/one_sse.R R/one_threshold.R R/one_limit.R R/plotcurves_.R R/sse.R
man/one_curve.Rd man/parn.Rd man/logliks.Rd man/thresholdcomparisons.Rd man/plotcurves.Rd man/deviance.Rd man/plotpar.Rd man/one_ypred.Rd man/create_psy_fun.Rd man/plotpar_.Rd man/plotthresholds.Rd man/devianceboot.Rd man/logliksboot.Rd man/one_parameters.Rd man/ypred.Rd man/create_full_nll.Rd man/avbootstrap.Rd man/deviancep.Rd man/plotthresholds_.Rd man/logistic_fun.Rd man/aic.Rd man/one_parcomparisons.Rd man/fitpsy.Rd man/inv_logistic_fun.Rd man/create_nllsaturated.Rd man/quickreadfiles.Rd man/cum_normal_fun.Rd man/one_deviance.Rd man/curvesbootstrap.Rd man/one_logliksaturated.Rd man/summary.quickpsy.Rd man/thresholds.Rd man/one_loglik.Rd man/sse.Rd man/qpdat.Rd man/parameters.Rd man/one_thresholdcomparisons.Rd man/parcomparisons.Rd man/weibull_fun.Rd man/parini.Rd man/one_sse.Rd man/thresholdsci.Rd man/thresholdsbootstrap.Rd man/create_nll.Rd man/one_limit.Rd man/inv_cum_normal_fun.Rd man/parbootstrap.Rd man/quickpsy_.Rd man/loglikssaturated.Rd man/one_threshold.Rd man/one_parci.Rd man/inv_weibull_fun.Rd man/logliksbootsaturated.Rd man/plotcurves_.Rd man/quickpsy.Rd man/parci.Rd man/one_aic.Rd man/one_deviancep.Rd man/get_functions.Rd man/limits.Rd man/one_thresholdsci.Rd

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