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Statistical Inference on Lineup Fairness

allfoilbiasBias for each lineup member
allfoil_cihighConfidence Intervals for Proportion
allpropLineup proportion for all lineup members
chi_diagChi-squared estimate of homogeneity of diagnosticity ratio
compare_eff_sizes.bootComparing Effective Size: Base function for bootstrapping
datacheck1Helper function
datacheck2Helper function
datacheck3Helper function
d_barMean diagnosticity ratio for k lineup pairs
diag_paramParameters for diagnosticity ratio
diag_ratio_TDiagnosticty Ratio (Tredoux, 1998)
diag_ratio_WDiagnosticity Ratio (Wells & Lindsay, 1980; Wells & Turtle,...
d_weightsDiagnosticity ratio weights
effsize_compareMaster Function: Comparing Effective Size
eff_size_per_foilsEffective Size per Foils
esize_mEffective Size
esize_m_bootBootstrapped Effective Size
esize_TEffective Size (Tredoux, 1998)
esize_T_bootBootstrapped Effective Size (Tredoux, 1998)
esize_T_ci_nEffective Size with Confidence Intervals from Normal Theory...
face_simCompute similarity of faces in a lineup; experimental...
func_sizeFunctional Size
func_size.bootBootstrapped Functional Size
func_size_reportFunctional Size with Bootstrapped Confidence Intervals
gen_boot_propciPercentile of Bootstrapped Lineup Proportion
gen_boot_propmean_seDescriptive statistics for bootstrapped lineup proportion
gen_boot_samplesBootstrap resampling
gen_boot_samples_listBootstrapped resampling
gen_esize_mEffective Size (across a dataframe)
gen_esize_m_ciBootstrapped Confidence Intervals for Effective Size
gen_lineup_propLineup proportion over dataframe
gen_linevecLineup vector
homog_diagMaster function: Homogeneity of diagnosticity ratio
homog_diag_bootHomogeneity of diagnosticity ratio with bootstrapped CIs
i_esize_TI Component of Effective Size(Tredoux, 1998)
lineup_boot_allpropConfidence intervals for lineup proportion
lineup_prop_bootBootstrapped lineup proportion
lineup_prop_tabLineup proportion
lineup_prop_vecLineup proportion
ln_diag_ratioLn of Diagnosticity Ratio
make_rocCompute and plot ROC curve for lineup accuracy ~ confidence
make_rocdataHelper functions: Compute and plot ROC curve for lineup...
makevec_propHelper functions
mickwickConfidence & Accuracy data (Mickes & Wixted)
rep_indexRep index
rot_vectorRotate vector
show_lineupHelper function
var_diag_ratioVariance of diagnosticity ratio (Tredoux)
var_lndVariance of ln of diagnosticity ratio
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