Man pages for rAmCharts
JavaScript Charts Tool

add_animate_dependencyAdd animate dependency
add_dataloader_dependencyAdd dataloader dependency
add_export_dependencyAdd the export dependency to an htmlwidget
add_responsive_dependencyAdd responsive dependency
add_theme_dependencyAdd theme dependency
amAngularGaugePlotting gauge using rAmCharts
AmBalloonInitializes an AmBalloon
AmBalloon-classAmBalloon class
amBarplotPlotting bar chart using rAmCharts
amBoxplotPlotting boxplot using rAmCharts
amBulletPlotting bullet chart using rAmCharts
amCandlestickPlotting candlestick chart using rAmCharts
amChartsAPIView full API of amcharts.js
amcharts-settersSetters for AmChart and AmStockChart.
amFloatingBarPlotting floating bar chart using rAmCharts
amFunnelPlotting funnel chart using rAmCharts
AmGraphInitializes an AmGraph
AmGraph-classAmGraph class
amHistPlotting histogram
AmLegend-classAmLegend class
amLinesamLines adds a serie to a graph.
amMekkoPlotting mekko chart (quali vs quali)
AmObject-classAmObject class
amOHLCPlotting OHLC chart
amPiePlotting pie chart
amPlotPlot serial data
amRadarPlotting radar
amSolidGaugePlotting solid gauge using rAmCharts
AmStockChartInitializes an AmStockChart
amStockMultiSetPlotting multi data-sets
amTimeSeriesPlotting times series (with or without aggregation)
amWaterfallPlotting waterfall
amWindPlotting wind
apiSee AmCharts API
AxisBase-classAxisBase class
CategoryAxis-classCategoryAxis class
ChartCursor-classChartCursor class
ChartScrollbar-classChartScrollbar class
controlShinyPlotTests the class of an expression.
data_AirPassengersAir passengers for example
data_barRandom data for plotting bar chart examples
data_candleStick1Random data for plotting candlestick chart examples
data_candleStick2Random data for plotting candlestick chart examples
data_fbarRandom data for plotting floating bar chart examples
data_funnelRandom data for plotting funnel chart examples
data_ganttRandom data for plotting gantt chart examples
data_gbarRandom data for plotting bar chart examples
data_gdp10 Richest Countries in the World by 2015 GDP
data_mekkoRandom data for plotting mekko chart examples
data_pieRandom data for plotting pie chart examples
data_radarRandom data for plotting radar chart examples
DataSetCreates or updates a DataSet
DataSet-classDataSet class
DataSetSelectorCreates or updates a DataSetSelector
DataSetSelector-classDataSetSelector class
data_stock1Random data for example
data_stock_2Random data for example
data_stock_3Random data for example
data_waterfallRandom data for plotting candlestick chart examples
data_windRandom data for plotting wind chart examples
GaugeArrowInitializes a GaugeArrow
GaugeArrow-classGaugeArrow class
GaugeAxisInitializes a GaugeAxis
GaugeAxis-classGaugeAxis class
GaugeBandInitializes a GaugeBand
GaugeBand-classGaugeBand class
getCurrentStockDataGet data in shiny module
getTransformTSTransform quantitative variables.
Guide-classGuide class
initialize-AmChartCreates an AmChart
initialize-AmLegendInitializes legend of the chart
initialize-AxisBaseAdd a Guide for AxisBase
initialize-CategoryAxisInitializes a CategoryAxis
initialize-ChartCursorInitializes a ChartCursor
initialize-ChartScrollbarInitializes a ChartScrollbar
initialize-GuideInitializes a Guide
initialize-PeriodSelectorInitializes a PeriodSelector
initialize-StockEventInitialize a StockEvent
initialize-StockPanelInitialize a StockPanel
initialize-ValueAxisInitializes ValueAxis
LabelInitializes Label
Label-classLabel class
listProperties-AmObjectList properties of an S4 object
methods-AmObjectAmObject methods
print-AmObject-methodVisualize with print
rAmCharts-shinymodulesShiny module to export rAmCharts graphics on server-side
rAmCharts-shinymodules-tsShiny module to render large time-series data with live...
runExamplesRun example with shiny
shared-genericsGeneral shared generic methods
show-AmChart-methodVisualize AmStockChart with show
show-AmObject-methodVisualize with show
show-AmStockChart-methodVisualize AmStockChart with show
StockEvent-classStockEvent class
stockGraphConstructor for a stockGraph (class AmGraph)
stockLegendConstructor for StockLegend.
StockPanel-classStockPanel class
TitleInitializes A Title
Title-classTitle class
TrendLineInitializes a TrendLine
TrendLine-classTrendLine class
ValueAxis-classValueAxis class
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