Man pages for rCMA
R-to-Java Interface for 'CMA-ES'

cmaCalcFitnessCalculate the fitness of a population.
cmaEvalMeanXEvaluate the meanX of the current population.
cmaInitInitialize a CMA-ES Java object.
cmaNewCreate a new CMA-ES Java object.
cmaOptimDPPerform a CMA-ES optimization with constraints (DP).
cmaSamplePopulationSample a population from the current CMA-ES distribution.
cmaSetDimensionrCMA Getters and Setters.
cmaSetStopFitnessrCMA Stop Conditions.
cmaUpdateDistributionUpdate CMA-ES distribution with the fitness vector of the...
rCMA-packageR interface to the Java CMA-ES of Niko Hansen
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