Maps with Full Cartographic Layout


This package makes some maps using shapefiles and dataframes. Five kinds of maps are available:

  • proportionnal circles

  • proportionnal circles colored by discretized quantitative data

  • proportionnal circles colored by modalities of qualitative data

  • choropleth

  • typology


Package: rCarto
Type: Package
Version: 0.8
Date: 2013-03-19
License: GPL (>=2.0)


Some part of the code (legend position, management of diverging color palettes) are inspired by some functions of the rgrs package.


Timothee Giraud - UMS RIATE (CNRS)


RColorBrewer, maptools, classInt and rgrs packages

Bivand, Roger S., Pebesma, Edzer J., Gomez-Rubio, Virgilio, 2008, Applied Spatial Data Analysis with R, Springer.

Tanimura, S., Kuroiwa, C., and Mizota, T. (2006) Proportional symbol mapping in R. Journal of Statistical Software 15(5).

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