Man pages for rD3plot
Interactive Networks, Timelines, Barplots, Galleries with 'D3.js'

add_tutorial_rd3Adds a tutorial for the gallery.
barplot_rd3Networked barplot.
evolNetwork_rd3Create evolving networks.
finchesData: Finches' attributes in Galapagos islands.
galapagosData: Finches' presence in Galapagos Islands.
gallery_rd3Images in a grid gallery.
miserablesCoappearance network of characters in Les Miserables...
network_rd3Interactive network.
pie_rd3Networked barplot.
rd3_addDescriptionAdds a description to a 'rD3plot' object.
rd3_addImageAdds an image to a 'rD3plot' object.
rd3_fromIgraphProduce interactive networks from 'igraph' objects.
rd3_layoutCircleProduce a circle layout of any number of nodes.
rd3_layoutGridProduce a grid layout of any number of nodes.
rd3_multigraphIntegrates interactive 'rD3plot' graphs.
rd3_multiPagesProduces a gallery of 'rD3plot' graphs.
rD3plot-packageThe rD3plot package.
rd3_toIgraph'igraph' object.
shiny_rd3Include rD3plot graphs in 'Shiny'.
sociologistsData: Sociologists born in the 19th century.
timeline_rd3Interactive time-bar plot.
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