Man pages for rFIA
Space-Time Estimation of Forest Variables using the FIA Database

areaEstimate land area from FIADB
biomassEstimate volume, biomass, and carbon stocks from the FIADB
clipFIASpatial and temporal queries for FIADB
countiesRICounty boundaries of Rhode Island
diversityEstimate species diversity from FIADB
dwmEstimate volume, biomass, and carbon stocks of down woody...
fiaRIFIADB for Rhode Island 2013 - 2018
findEVALIDFind EVALIDs used in the FIADB
getFIADownload FIA Data and Load into R
growMortEstimate recruitment, mortality, and harvest rates from FIADB
invasiveEstimate invasive species coverage from FIADB
makeClassesConvert numeric variables to class intervals (factor)
plotFIAStatic and animated plots of FIA summaries
readFIALoad FIA database into R environment from local directory
standStructEstimate forest structural stage distribution from FIADB
tpaEstimate trees per acre and basal area per acre from FIADB
vitalRatesEstimate tree growth rates from FIADB
writeFIAWrite FIA tables to local directory
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