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DTM2TIF converts data stored in the PLANS DTM format into a TIFF image and creates a world file that provides coordinate system reference data for the image. Such images can be imported into GIS software or used in other analysis processes.


DTM2TIF(fusion.path = "C:/FUSION/", inputfile, outputfile, switches = NULL)



Character. By default: C:/FUSION/. Path where the program FUSION is installed.


is a character.Name for output canopy surface file (stored in PLANS DTM format with .dtm extension).


Character. Name for the converted file. If outputfile is omitted, the output file name will be constructed from the inputfile name and the extension .xyz. If the /csv switch is used, the extension will be .csv.


False as default. To insert a switch, it must have a '/' before of the names. If you want to insert two or more switches, they must be separated by an empty space. When a # is displayed, should be replaced by the desired value (numeric).

  • /mask - Produces a mask image showing the areas in the DTM with valid data values. In the mask image, a value of 0 indicates a cell with invalid data (NODATA value) and a value of 255 indicates a cell with a valid data value.

  • /csv - Output XYZ points in comma separated value format (CSV). If /csv is used with no outputfile, an extension of .csv will be used to form the output file name.

  • /noheader - Do not include the column headings in CSV output files. Ignored if /csv is not used


DTM2TIF creates grayscale TIFF images that represent the data stored in a PLANS format DTM file. The range of values in the DTM file is scaled to correspond to gray values ranging from 1 to 255 in the TIFF image. The gray level value of 0 is reserved to indicate NODATA areas in the DTM file (values less than 0.0). DTM2TIF creates a world file to provide coordinates system information for the TIFF image. The world file is named using the same file name as the TIFF image but with the extension .tfw.


No return value. This function return the command prompt running the FUSION command


McGaughey, R.J. FUSION/LDV: Software for LIDAR Data Analysis and Visualization. 2021.


outputfile<- 'Z:/outputfile.xyz'
DTM2TIF(inputfile = inputfile,outputfile = outputfile, switches = NULL)

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