Man pages for rJava
Low-Level R to Java Interface

accessOpField/method operator for Java objects
aslistConverts java objects or arrays to R lists
cloneObject cloner
ExceptionsException handling
instanceofIs a java object an instance of a given java class
JHigh level API for accessing Java
jarrayJava array handling functions
jarrayRef-classClass "jarrayRef" Reference to an array Java object
javaImportAttach mechanism for java packages
java-toolsjava tools used internally in rJava
jcallCall a Java method
jcastCast a Java object to another class
jcastToArrayEnsures that a given object is an array reference
jcheckJava exception handling
jclassNameClass "jclassName" - a representation of a Java class name
jengineJava callback engineCast a Java object to another class
jequalsComparing Java References
jfieldObtains the value of a field
jfloatWrap numeric vector as flat Java parameter
jfloat-classClasses "jfloat", "jlong", "jbyte" and "jchar" specify Java...
jgcInvoke Java Garbage Collection
jinitInitialize Java VM
jmemprofrJava memory profiler
jnewCreate a Java object
jnullJava null object reference
jobjRef-classClass "jobjRef" - Reference to a Java object
jpackageInitialize an R package containing Java code
jrectRef-classRectangular java arrays
jreflectionSimple helper functions for Java reflection
jserializeJava object serialization
jsimplifyConverts Java object to a simple scalar if possible
loaderJava Class Loader
newCreate a new Java object
repCreates java arrays by cloning
showShow a Java Object Reference
toJavaConvert R objects to REXP references in Java
withwith and within methods for Java objects and class names
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