Man pages for rKIN
(Kernel) Isotope Niche Estimation

calcOverlapCalculate Percent Overlap of Isotopic Niche Space
createSPDFInternal helper function
estEllipseEstimate Bivariate Normal Ellipse Isotope Niche
estKINEstimate Kernel Isotope Niche
estMCPEstimate Minimum Convex Polygon (MCP) Isotope Niche
genCircleCreate a sequence of points on a circle
getAreaMethod to extract Niche Polygon Areas
getColorsCreate a list of colors for plotKIN function
getKernelThresholdMiscellaneous functions to complete kernel 2D estimates: Get...
makeHoleMiscellaneous functions to complete kernel 2D estimates: make...
plotKINPlotting function for rKIN polygons
rKINrKIN: A package for computating isotopic niche space
rodentsIsotopic data from rodent blood samples.
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