Man pages for rLDCP
Text Generation from Data

cpDefine the CP
data_structureDefine the data structure
degree_mfDefine generic calculation of fuzzy membership degrees
fuzzy_partitionsDefine the fuzzy parititions
fuzzy_ruleDefine the fuzzy rule
fuzzy_rulesDefine the fuzzy rules
generate_codeGenerate the R code
glmpDefine the GLMP
infer_rulesMake the inference
ldcpDefine the LDCP system
ldcp_runExecute the LDCP system
operatorDefine the operator
pmDefine the PM
pm_inferCall the g function
pm_multidimensionalDefine the pm of a multidimensional cp
pm_reportGenerate the report of y
report_templateDefine the report template
trapezoid_mfDefine the trapezoid membership function
triangle_mfDefine the triangle membership function
validate_xmlValidate the XML file
xml2rldcpXML to rLDCP
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