Man pages for rMEA
Synchrony in Motion Energy Analysis (MEA) Time-Series

CCFartefactsDetection of potential artefacts in CCF results.
ccfResNamesExtract the names of the ccf analysis summaries in a MEA...
cohens_dCohen's d A simple function to calculate Cohen's d effect...
colTransTransform color
diagnosticPlotPlots the initial, middle and ending part of a MEA object
getCCFExtract ccf values from MEA objects
idGet MEA attributes
lagNamesExtract the lag names of a ccf analysis in MEA objects
lines.MEAAdds lines of a 'MEA' object to a Plot
MEA'MEA' class constructor
MEAccfMoving-windows lagged cross-correlation routine for 'MEA'...
MEAdistplotDistribution of cross-correlations
MEAheatmapPlot a heatmap of dyadic cross-correlations
MEAlagplotPlots the average cross-correlation at different lags
MEAlistWell formatted list of 'MEA' objects
MEAmapApply a function to a single or a list of MEA objects
MEAoutlierReplace outliers with given values
MEAreplaceSubstitute values from MEA data
MEAscaleScaling (and centering) of motion energy time-series
MEAsmoothMoving average smoothing for motion energy data
plot.MEAPlots an object of class 'MEA'
readMEAImport MEA raw data
setGroupSets the group of MEA objects
shuffleShuffle MEA data (between subjects)
shuffle_segmentsShuffle MEA data (within subjects)
timeMasterTransform time values between different formats
writeMEAExports analyzed MEA data to .txt files
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