Man pages for rMEA
Synchrony in Motion Energy Analysis (MEA) Time-Series

colTransTransform color
diagnosticPlotPlots the initial, middle and ending part of a MEA object
MEA'MEA' class constructor
MEAccfMoving-windows lagged cross-correlation routine for 'MEA' and...
MEAdistplotDistribution of cross-correlations
MEAheatmapPlot a heatmap of dyadic cross-correlations
MEAlagplotPlots the average cross-correlation at different lags
MEAlistWell formatted list of 'MEA' objects
MEAmapApply a function to a MEA or MEAlist object
MEAoutlierReplace outliers with given values
MEAscaleScaling (and centering) of motion energy time-series
MEAsmoothMoving average smoothing for motion energy data
plot.MEAPlots an object of class 'MEA'
plot.MEAlistPlots all MEA signals contained in an object of class...
readMEAImport MEA raw data
setGroupSets the group of MEA objects
shuffleShuffle MEA data
timeMasterTransform time values between different formats
writeMEAExports analyzed MEA data to .txt files
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